A Celebration of Scottish Glass

Talks and conferences

Artist's Talk: Rachel Mary Elliot


26th July 2016 at 5.30

North Lands Creative Glass Studio, Lybster, Caithness


For the last 5 years, Rachel has been developing and making thin forms in pâte de verre glass directly cast from forms in the natural world.  Her talk aims to introduce and discuss the work, its ongoing sources of inspiration as well as the techniques involved in its production.  There will also be the opportunity to handle samples and discover just how tentatively the forms exist.


FREE EVENT.  This event will be followed by the official opening of the Elemental exhibition at North Lands Creative Glass Gallery.



Making Connections: The Women's International Glass Workshop – from 1989 to today


11th September 2016 at 3pm

Coburg House Gallery, 15 Coburg Street, Edinburgh, EH6 6ET


Helga Reay-Young discusses the biennial Women's International Glass Workshop which has so far brought together glass artists from Iceland, Wales, Austria, Japan, Ireland, USA, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, France and Germany to exchange ideas, travel and exhibit. These experiences have greatly enriched their own practise, inspiring new directions in their approach to glass.


Helga Reay-Young trained as an architect in Germany during the 60s and with glass with Patrick Reyntiens at the Central School of Art London during the 80s.  She initiated show of '36 Women from 12 Countries' in 1988 as a way of making space for glass and emotion.


Following the success of this first travelling exhibition, a core team of friends and colleagues decided to form biennial workshops, consisting of self-financed gatherings in the home countries of the group's members. Gatherings include a show of  work influenced by the last workshop, an exchange with local glass artists and visits to emotionally important places of culture and natural heritage, chosen by the host . This pattern of showing and learning has proved a wonderfully successful and exciting experience for all the artists involved.





Artist's Talk: Susan Kinley


15th September at 6pm

Coburg House Gallery, 15 Coburg Street, Edinburgh, EH6 6ET


Susan Kinley discusses the ways in which her work responds to particular places, with a focus on pieces related to Bronze Age archaeology in Orkney, and a recent project on the South Dorset Ridgway.  She will also include works linked to sites in Cornwall, and talk about the ways in which sources and ideas drive the need to develop different processes and material combinations.


Susan Kinley has completed many projects and commissions, often in the public realm, and has exhibited widely, with solo exhibitions in England, Ireland and Japan. Her practice crosses fine art, craft and design, with subject matter often evolving from archaeological sites at the coastal boundaries of Britain.  Her piece Keepsake (Skara Brae) can be viewed as part of the Elemental exhibiiton.





A Luddite Convention: Making, Technology and Nature


16th-18th September 2016  

Edinburgh College of Art


North Lands' annual conference takes a trip to Edinburgh to celebrate 20 years of experimenting with glass. The North Lands 20 conference connects ideas formed during the industrial revolution to our present technological time. We consider our continued relationship with nature, materials, making and the body, in a progressive way.


The emotive and often misused word Luddite still resonates today, perhaps because we value the idea of localized manufacturing, sustainable products, quality in our working life and manual skills. We still find intrinsic value in the relationship between making, materials and our bodies, without wishing to romanticize this.


Conference speakers: - Moira Jeffrey, Geoffrey Mann, Jan Marsh, Jonathan Openshaw, Sibylle Peretti, Jeffrey Sarmiento, Ruth Maclennan, Robbie Synge, Emma Woffenden and Dries Verbruggen.


Demonstrations by Martin Janecky and Denis Mann.


Booking essential.